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Welcome to Brentwood Drains, the Drainage management company that cares. At Brentwood Drains we want the very best for our customers, which means quality, top notch workmanship and competitive pricing. At Brentwood Drains, we endeavour to use highly skilled drainage engineers as well as deliver a premium service.

Brentwood Drains engineers, are fully certified and have spent years building a wealth of knowledge that they use every day when dealing our customers drains. Therefore, Brentwood Drains engineers, are experts in all areas of drainage management including: manual Rods, high power water Jetting, corrosive chemicals for blockage disbursal when access is an issue and CCTV surveys, when continuous blockages need to be investigated.

We at Brentwood Drains, know that drains are mostly ignored until they cause a problem. Brentwood Drains, also understand that as soon as they are a problem our customers want their drain issue dealt with as quickly and as tidily as possible. At Brentwood Drains, we endeavour to help our customers in whatever way we can, so we open our office all day everyday 24hours a day*, 7 days a week*, 365 days a year*, so that we are there for our customers whenever they need us.

At Brentwood Drains, our expert drainage engineers have been called out to all sort of drainage problems and are therefore more than adequately equipped to solve any drainage dilemma. We at Brentwood Drains, are called upon to a variety of problems every week including: blocked sewage pipe, blocked manhole, blocked soil pipe, clogged toilet, drain blockages, drain pipe repair, smelly drains and emergency drain unblocking.

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Example of our drainage services

Grease Traps Commonly used in restaurants, take-aways and large-scale businesses, this prevents a large percentage (roughly 85-90%, though some high capacity ones employed by large businesses claim up to 99%) of grease, oil, lard and other fats from progressing from the sink(s) to the main drain by means of separation.

The grease will sink to the bottom of the trap, where it settles into a layer. The mostly-clear wastewater left over is then allowed to flow to the drain normally. This drainage system needs to be emptied periodically, with the collected grease either recycled, or disposed of.

These types of systems were created to virtually eliminate the problem of fats and suchlike building up over time, and clogging up the main drain system. In practice, it either greatly reduces the frequency between drain unblocking, or has little effect, because of neglecting to empty the trap.

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